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Caption: Bent Raymond Joergensen at Niels Bohr Institute

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Science or God?

In connection with the popular tv lectures entitled "Science or God?" ("Videnskaben eller Gud?"), the Danish Broadcasting Corporation published a book in 1998 in which some of the leading Danish scientists bring us up to date on the organization of the world and give us an insight into the visions, which also pertain to science: Brain research, the origin of life, worm holes, Einstein's relativity theory, and much more.
During springtime 2005 the DR Multimedie (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) will publish a new and third edition of the book "Science or God?".
The book is edited by Bent Raymond Joergensen and Uffe Graae Joergensen.

On the following scientist pages you can read a short resume of all the articles from the book.

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